Dear colleague,

Welcome to EDUNOVATIC2021 the sixth edition of the International Virtual Conference on Education, Innovation and ICT. We thank all the participants who have participated in previous editions with the exchange of interesting projects, programs and research that are available in open access in the EDUNOVATIC Conference Proceedings.

In this sixth edition of EDUNOVATIC we wish to continue offering an effective virtual platform for the exchange of new ideas, projects and experiences, among professionals concerned with an innovative and quality education. We hope that this conference makes significant contributions in the field of education, innovation and ICT.

You are invited to submit up to 2 original contributions -full paper and/or abstract and/or poster- that will undergo a peer review process. The official language of the conference is English, however proposals may be submitted in Spanish and Portuguese. Accepted contributions will be published in a Book of Proceedings with ISBN. 

On the website menu you will find all the information regarding to the topics, important dates, organization, participation, registration and submissions.

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite future authors to send original contributions – until November 8 22, 2021 – to the sixth edition of the EDUNOVATIC Conference that will be held completely virtual on December 1 – 2, 2021.

We welcome future participants and hope this conference will be an opportunity to share and continue learning together.

The Organizing Committee of EDUNOVATIC2021

Scientific Committee

Dr. Almudena Cotán Fernández
Doctor Cum Laude in Education and Attention to Diversity by the University of Seville. Extraordinary Award. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Cádiz, Spain. Master in Management, Evaluation and Quality in Training Institutions by the University of Seville. Her research concerns focus on higher education, students with disabilities, inclusive pedagogy, ICT, teacher training and qualitative research. 

Dr. Antonio José Moreno Guerrero
Doctor in the Department of Didactics, School Organization and Special Didactics, within the Program of Didactic Models, Interculturality and Application of New Technologies in Educational Institutions by the National University of Distance Education, Spain. Graduated in Psychopedagogy and Diploma in Special Education and in Hearing and Language by the University of Granada. Master’s degree in Educational Informatics by the UNED, Spain. Expert in the Political-Administrative Dimension of the Educational Inspection. Member of the AREA research group (HUM-672). Author of various scientific publications, presentations at various international conferences.

Dr. Ana María Marqués Ibáñez
Doctor of Fine Arts by the University of Granada, Spain. She is currently a permanent professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of La Laguna. Her doctoral studies focus on the communication skills of images for classic literary texts such as the Divine Comedy. She teaches in the degrees of Early Childhood Education, Primary and Master’s Degree in Teaching. Her research focuses on game as a learning factor and didactic material on visual culture for the disabled people. She has participated in national and international Conferences


Dr. David Valladares Hernando
Industrial Engineer by the University of Zaragoza, Spain, specializing in the mention of Machine and Vehicle Design. In 2011 he obtained the title of Doctor with outstanding Cum Laude as Industrial Engineer in the doctoral program of New Technologies in Automotive at the University of Zaragoza. Since 2016 he has been an associate professor and since 2017 he is an assistant professor in the area of Mechanical Engineering by the University of Zaragoza. He belongs to the consolidated group of applied research “VEHI-VIAL”, recognized by the government of Aragon, and is a member of the i3a engineering research institute of Aragon. In 2017 he obtained his own title of Expert in Innovative Educational Methodologies managed by the Foundation of the University of La Rioja.


Dr. Carolina Mejía Corredor
Doctora Cum Laude en Tecnología y Máster en Informática Industrial y Automática por la Universidad de Girona (UdG), España. Especialista en Telecomunicaciones e Ingeniera de Sistemas por la Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), Colombia. Amplia trayectoria en investigación activa y desarrollo en el aprendizaje mejorado por tecnologías (TeL), modelado de usuario, aprendizaje adaptativo y estándares e-learning. Investigación en temas de e-learning for all, inclusión y accesibilidad. Docente universitaria de pregrado y postgrado a nivel nacional e internacional en entornos presenciales y virtuales. Tutor y supervisor de trabajos de grado de estudiantes de pregrado y postgrado.


Dr. Raúl Tárraga Mínguez
He was a special education teacher. Currently, he is dedicated to the training of future teachers as a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Magisteri of the University of Valencia, where he has participated in numerous educational innovation projects. His research focuses on the improvement of educational processes in students with specific educational support needs, as well as on the social perception of diversity. He is director of the Autism Spectrum Disorders Research Group INVTEA-Inma Fernández Research Group. He has participated in more than 100 publications, some of which can be consulted at:


Dr. Sandra Martínez Pérez
Doctor in Education from the University of Barcelona. Her doctoral thesis focused on family-school relations. She teaches in the degrees of Primary Education and Pedagogy; in masters and doctorates. Her lines of research are aimed at: Attention to Diversity, Inclusive School, Identities, Gender, Educational Technologies and narratives. She has participated in different local, national and international projects, as: Augmented Reality to increase training; Gender Violence 2.0; School-Home Cooperation a cultural given. She has carried out teaching and research stays in international and national centers. She has published in various indexed and impact magazines, and is the co-author of several chapters.


MA. Cesar Martín Agurto Castillo
Postgraduate in Direction, Coordination and Management of Programs and Institutions for Literacy and Education for Young People and Adults. Diploma in Design and Development of Educational Modules with ICT by the University of ESAN, Peru. Trainer at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Evaluator of International Presentations of the NOVUS Fund of the Tecnológico de Monterrey. Virtual Tutor of the Educational Portal of the Americas of the Organization of American States – OAS.

MA. Sandra Sandoval-Barrientos
Director of the Observatory of Educational and Academic Innovation in the Department of Health of the University of Los Lagos, Chile. Master in Education and University Training (Universidad San Sebastián). She has 23 years of experience in university teaching (undergraduate and graduate levels). She has participated in various academic events as a speaker, guest and member of the scientific committee. She has published reflections, experiences and research associated with the following lines of research: 1. Teaching-learning processes in Higher Education. 2. Educational innovation in the training of professionals in Health Sciences. 3. Teacher training and mentoring.

MA. César Augusto Gutiérrez Rodríguez
My name is César Augusto Gutiérrez Rodríguez. I am a Systems and Telecommunications Engineer by the Universidad Libre de Colombia. Internetworking Specialist – CCNA. Master in Educational Informatics from the Universidad Libre. PhD student in Educational Sciences by the Cuauhtémoc University. Official teacher at the Secretariat of Education of Santiago de Cali – IEO Santo Tomás. Research professor at the Marco Fidel Suárez Military Aviation School. Research professor at the Centro Superior University Corporation. Leader of the research group Cat. C IngeniaRSE.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Thomas Jansen
Dr. Ana Claudia Martins
D. Pedro José Martínez
Ms. Natalia Gutiérrez

Technical Secretariat
Ms. Lourdes Álvarez