Important dates and conference topics

Submissions deadline: November 18 December 2, 2019
Review deadline: November 26 December 9, 2019
Registration deadline: December 514, 2019
EDUNOVATIC2019 Conference December 18 – 19, 2019

The conference main topics are education, innovation and ICT, which may include, but are not limited to:

1. ICT, robotics and video games in education

Applications in the formal, non-formal and informal educational environment, learning strategies based on current technologies, experiences with video games, creation of new tools and materials, social networks, mobile devices, virtual learning environments, creation of online courses, projects of classroom robotics, teaching-learning methodologies with robotics, teacher training in robotics, artificial intelligence in education, gamification and video games.

2. Educational innovation in university and non-university fields

Educational research, projects, resources, materials, methodologies and innovative educational experiences in: university, early childhood education, primary, compulsory secondary school, high school, special education, adult education, sports education, music, dance, drama, languages, visual arts and design, popular university, homeschooling, vocational, occupational and continuous training, research and teaching innovation projects, methodologies and teaching resources, creation of new materials, skills development, assessment instruments, practices and end of degree / master’s degree projects, improvement of teaching / learning processes, special educational needs, interdisciplinarity / transdisciplinarity, teacher coaching, internationalization, trends and new educational paradigms.

Templates and submissions form 

Theoretical, empirical and/or practical approach proposals are welcomed. The official language of the conference is Spanish, however proposals may be submitted in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Please note that up to two proposals may be submitted per author as (1) full paper, (2) abstract or (3) poster. 

Additionally, it is recommended to prepare a virtual presentation (video, audio, slides …) that the author may present in the forum of his contribution during the days of the conference.

Accepted submissions will be published in a digital Book of Proceedings with ISBN and ISSN. We encourage authors to use interactive media, i.e. audio, video, photographs.

1. Full paper

The full paper will have a minimum length of 1800 and a maximum of 2500 words (including title, references, acknowledgments …), and it will be prepared in the following template: .odt or .docx format

2. Abstract

The abstract will have an extension of between 300 and 350 words (excluding title, bibliographical references, acknowledgments …) and it will be prepared in the following template: .odt or .docx format

3. Poster

A single slide poster will be presented together with a short abstract.

The abstract will have an extension of between 150 and 250 words (excluding title, bibliographic references, acknowledgments …) and it will be prepared in the following template: .odt or .docx format

A poster of 40 × 60 will be presented in .pdf format without animations. It will include the name of the conference, authors full name and affiliation.

Poster can be prepared from different applications or with the PowerPoint template that you will find here: .odp or .pptx

Please note that if your proposals are accepted, all authors must pay the registration fee as speakers. For more information please contact: edunovatic [at]

Please send your proposal files through the submission form:



Registration fees and conditions

 Registration Description and fee

A. Speaker*

96 Euros
20-hour digital certificate for attendance** . Book of Proceedings with ISBN. Individual digital certificate per accepted proposal (maximum 2). Selection process for a book chapter international publishing house.
B. Attendant*
No author

39 Euros
20-hour digital certificate for attendance**.

* The registration/payment of the conference fee as a speaker is individual, and it must be payed by all the authors of a proposal. Together with the notification of acceptance, you will receive the data to register.
* If you wish to enroll as an attendant, please send us the attendant registration form 

**Speaker: an individual digital certificate will be delivered for each accepted proposal (maximum 2 per author). To also receive a certificate of attendance, participants will perform a minimum of 3 interventions in the conference forums.

**Attendant: a certificate of attendance will be given to participants who perform a minimum of 5 interventions in conference forums.


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